MM-43-CL – Clip-On Mirror Monitor

The C2VMM-43-CL Clip-On Mirror Monitor is the perfect backup camera companion, placing the vehicle in reverse, and auto-initiates the monitor to assist with parking or reversing. Additionally, the included remote control allows for manual operation.

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SKU: MM-43-CL Categories: ,


The CV2MM-43-CL is a 4.3-inch clip-on Mirror Monitor that simply attaches to your existing rearview mirror. The C2VMM-43-CL will operate as normal until an AV signal is received through one of the dual video inputs when the 4.3″ display section becomes a high-resolution widescreen (16:9) monitor.

Universal Clip-on Fitting
Dual video Inputs
Dual Mono Audio Inputs
Reverse Signal Trigger
Remote Control included