SS-RDIS-B – Reverse Parking Sensors Kit with LED Warning Buzzer

The C2VSS-RDIS-B parking sensor kit is the perfect solution for adding to any vehicle. The sensors detect obstacles by providing the driver with a warning sound, while the LED screen shows visual distance, minimising collision when manoeuvring.

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The C2VSS-RDIS-B rear parking sensor system is a revolutionary advancement in obstacle detection. Triangulation technology, using the multi-sensor setup, calibrates obstacle detection for improved distance detection, reduced blind spots, and improved obstacle warning reversing.

When objects are detected, two backup sensors simultaneously locate that obstacle and use unique algorithms to eliminate any dead zone areas (areas behind your vehicle that are not detected by the system).

Rear parking system sensor kits include four low profile, quick connect sensors that snap into the single 8’ wire-loom protected harness and connect to the electronic control module via a single OE-style looking connector. The visual LED indicator shows a visual display of the distance to the obstacle.

Detection Range: 1.5 m/4.9 ft
Plastic bumper friendly
Paintable sensors for a perfect factory match
IP65 waterproof rating
Operating temp: -30°C to 70°C