7 Steps to buying the perfect Dash cam

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A dashboard camera or dash cam is an onboard camera that records the view from your car’s windshield.

They are especially handy to have if you find yourself in a road accident and need video evidence of the incident. And if you are the parent of a teen driver, you can use the dash cam to review their driving skills. Because you know there is an extra set of eyes in your vehicle serving as a witness to not just the road, but you are driving, you are held accountable for your driving decisions.

Dash Camera

Here is what to look for in a dashcam and how to find the right one for your car:

1 | Video Quality

Video quality is key. You want to ensure the recorded footage is sharp enough to make out details such as license plate numbers, people’s faces, the car makes and models and anything else you need when possibly presenting evidence. The higher the resolution, the better. Do not settle for anything lower than 720p. For crisp, clear, high-definition video recordings, go for 1080p full HD.

2 | Make Sure It Fits

Most people prefer their dash cams to be discreet. You also do not want your dashcam to be so big that it obstructs your view. Older model dash cams that were small had limited features. Newer models are not only small and inconspicuous, but they are also feature-packed.

3 | Camera Quality

Because you will want high-resolution recordings, you will also need storage capacity that is big enough to keep up with the amount of footage you will need to record. Aim for 32 or 64 GB of storage to be safe.

4 | Automatic ON/OFF

This is a handy feature to have if you are the forgetful type and might be prone to forgetting to turn on your dashcam. With automatic on/off, your dashcam turns on with the car engine and automatically turns off when the engine shuts off.

5 | Recording Angle

By default, most dash cams have a recording angle of only 120 degrees. So, if you want your recordings to cover more street area on both sides when you drive, find a dashcam with a broader recording angle.

6 | Night Vision

Most traffic collisions and accidents happen at night. While city lights and headlights provide some light, they will not always be adequate to illuminate the scene of a road accident that might occur at night. Try to find a camera that offers super night vision.

7 | Thermal Protection

The right dashcam for your vehicle also depends on where you drive. If you drive in a city where you experience cold spats, heavy rain, or heatwaves, you need a dashcam which has integrated thermal protection. And if you want your vehicle protected even when it is off and parked, why not choose a parking surveillance camera which enables motion and impact recording.

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