Commercial Vehicles Cameras: White Van Man with a Cam

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Commercial Vehicles and transport are the lifeblood of the UK, transporting goods day and night along Britain’s roads. Long gone are the days of the white van man in a rusty Ford Transit speeding through UK streets in a rush to his next delivery. Nowadays, the growth of fleet distributors and delivery services has led to a more professional environment involving increased focus on efficiency and safety. Not only has the business gradually improved including the drivers and fleet management but the vehicles have also greatly improved.

Dash Cams

Modern commercial vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies such as reversing cameras, Dash Cams, DVRs and parking sensors along with much more. This leads to increased safety for both commercial van drivers and the surrounding passenger vehicles. Along with having the added effect of faster delivery times and improved route management aimed at reducing emissions.

But it doesn’t just have to be newer vehicles that can benefit from the increased safety and efficiency given by modern technology. Our range of safety tech products consists of both vehicle specific and universal items suitable for almost any vehicle.

Our selection of dash cams allows a direct record usable as evidence in the event of an accident, providing additional safety and security for drivers. Our reversing cameras give drivers additional visibility of the rear of the vehicle, particularly useful on vans lacking centre rear view mirrors. Introducing increased visibility can make manoeuvring into tight spaces an easier process, especially with the addition of dynamic parking lines including with many of our reversing cameras.

Reversing Cameras

If you’re worried about the size of your camera ruining the clean lines of your van, don’t worry, we offer a variety of vehicle specific cameras that replace the original third brake light with a camera light combo, or even a boot handle replacement, which also conveniently incorporates a reversing camera into the boot handle, both of these options allow you to increase the visibility in the vehicle whilst retaining the original vehicle aesthetics. In a similar vein to our reversing cameras, our Parking Sensor systems provide an audible tone when reversing to give an increased knowledge of your surroundings when reversing.

If you would like more information on our entire range of vehicle safety technology currently available feel free to get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to help.