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Reversing can be one of the most difficult manoeuvres drivers can face on a regular basis, no matter where you look you will always be faced with blind spots. Your mirrors can’t show you the whole picture and awkwardly turning round in your seat might mean looking over screaming kids or potentially just get a dog staring back at you, and you still wouldn’t know what’s behind you. This can be an even bigger danger in larger vehicles where you might not necessarily have a rear-view mirror to look through, Trucks may find their load in the way while motorhome and campervan users struggle with seeing past their living space. 

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There are many different options when it comes to cameras to fit to your car, whether it be the rear-view cameras to assist you in reversing manoeuvres, Dash cameras to ensure you capture any incidents that happen in front of you and even parking sensors fitted to number plate holders. Connects2 Vision are determined to deliver you top quality products at reasonable prices that help you stay safe on the roads. We want to make sure you get the best of our products when using them so here are our top tips for you to use our cameras to their full potential.

5. Get our car cameras installed by a professional

Of course, you want to get the best out of your camera when purchasing from us, which is why we recommend getting your car camera fitted by a professional installer to ensure you get the best experience from your camera. A professional installer will ensure that your car camera is wired in correctly and angled to give you the best possible view making reversing manoeuvres as easy as possible.

Reversing Cameras

4. Get car cameras that are suitable for your application

We can all get over excited when looking at new technology and want the best possible version we can afford. But it’s important you don’t go overboard and purchase a camera full of features that you’ll never use. You might find some of our cameras are fully IP69K rated (If you are unsure what that means check here) but if your vehicle doesn’t receive any hard use, you might find one of our IP68 or even IP67 rated car cameras more suitable and more affordable for your application.

Car Camera

3. Clean the lenses regularly

A reversing camera is only any good if it can show you a clear view behind you, unfortunately when you are out on the roads dirt and grime can often cover the lenses of cameras making it extremely difficult for them to do their job to the best of their ability. Making sure the lenses are clean gives them the best opportunity to give you a clear view of what’s behind you and making reversing manoeuvres a simple operation.

Dash Camera

2. Ensure Dash Cameras have a clear view ahead

To make sure your dash camera can do its job properly it needs a clear view of the road ahead so it can record any accident in front of you and ensure you have the evidence ready to view whenever possible. The last thing you want is to get into an accident go to look at your footage and find all you can see is the fluffy dice hanging from your rear-view mirror. It’s important to make sure the camera is facing the right way, with nothing blocking its view and the windscreen in front of the lens is as clean as possible.

1. Look at upgrading your car camera setup further

If you’ve already installed one of our cameras and found the experience to be more than fantastic and are now looking to expand your vehicle’s technology offering why not take a look at our Dash Cam selection which can make sure you keep all the evidence in the event of an accident. Or look at one of our reversing cameras that feature dynamic parking lines and make reversing manoeuvres easy. You could also look at our Parking Sensor Number Plate holders which can improve reversing experiences even further.

If you have any questions about dash cams or any of our products, feel free to reach out to our support teams.

For more information on any of C2Vision’s products feel free to get in touch either through social media or drop us an email through our contact us page.


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There is a lot of complicated information and industry jargon that goes with working in the world of cars, sensors and all things cameras. We here at Connect2Vision we are determined to make sure you understand what you’re purchasing for your vehicle. The IP ratings system for weatherproofing is attached to any camera system worth its salt and is a seal of quality ensuring it will be capable of withstanding anything you throw at it.

But I’m sure a quick look through our wide selection of cameras throws up even more questions. Most of our camera systems are rated IP67 and up but there are a whole host of ratings that we do not use because they simply do not reach our high standards for quality. So, lets break down the numbers to explain why.

IP simply stands for Ingress Protection, meaning how much stuff is stopped from entering an object. Therefore an IP Rating is a code for protection by mechanical and electrical casings against intrusion of dust and water.

Now we come to the numbers, the first number is a rating for foreign object ingress ie: dust and debris, it is graded from 1 to 6.

  1. No objects larger than 50mm
  2. No objects larger than 12.5mm
  3. No objects larger than 2.5mm
  4. No objects larger than 1mm
  5. Dust protected, not sealed
  6. Dust tight, no ingress

The second number in the IP Ratings determines the amount of liquid ingress the product is protected against, it is rated between 0 and 9K.#

0. Not Protected

  1. Vertical Dripping Water

2. Dripping water when tilted up to 15 degrees

3. Water spray when tilted up to 60 degrees

4. Water splash

5. Water jet 6.3mm

6. Powerful water jet 12.5mm

7. Immersion in water up to 1m

8. Immersion beyond 1m

9(K). Close-range high-power water jets

On some products you may see an IP69K rating, this was the previous highest possible rating given under the previous regulations, this has since been superseded by the IP69 rating which includes all the testing held under the IP69K testing only with more specific water jet placement.

If there are any more industry terms like the IP Ratings system you do not understand feel free to reach out to our customer support team who will be happy to help.


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Understandably when buying a premium vehicle, you want to retain the clean exterior aesthetics that the original designers intended and keep the beautiful styling that you have worked hard to buy. Not only can those clean lines be ruined by bumper scrapes and scratches from unfortunate parking prangs, but they can also be ruined by purchasing an unsightly bulky reversing cameras.

Not to worry though, the team at Connects2Vision have worked hard to create a range of reversing cameras that are not only subtle but also blend and merge with your vehicles original styling. We even have a selection of cameras that replace your vehicles original centre rear brake light or boot lid handle making your vehicle look completely factory fresh whilst adding safety and security.

With such a wide array of mounting options available, here’s a breakdown of our top 5 covert cameras.

Reversing Cameras

Boot handle Reversing camera

One of our more subtle camera mounting solutions we offer boot handle reversing cameras suitable for a selection of different cars and trucks. These cameras replace your original boot handle with a combined camera handle solution meaning your vehicles original styling looks are retained whilst increasing safety with a new reversing camera.

Reversing Cameras

Number Plate Cameras

A straight replacement product, our Number Plate camera mounting solutions allow you to keep the clean lines of your vehicle by simply placing a camera behind your number plate with a handy number plate holder attached. An adjacent product to our number plate cameras are our number plate light cameras, these simply replace a number plate light with a camera light combo on a selection of vehicles.

Reversing Cameras

Brake Light Cameras

Our Brake light Cameras are a subtle upgrade that is suitable for most vans and commercial vehicles and many are purpose built for specific models and vehicles. They are available as both a replacement brake light camera package and a camera collar package which simply sits between the body of the vehicle and the brake light. These cameras are perfect for commercial purposes and ease reversing of vans when rear visibility can be limited.

Reversing Cameras

Flush Mounted Cameras

Our flush mounted cameras are one of our most discreet reversing camera offerings as they completely blend into the rear of the vehicle to leave little to no noticeable camera fittings and wires other than the lens of the camera. These cameras are suitable for both cars and vans and are certainly the most subtle cameras we currently offer.

Reversing Cameras

Surface Mounted Cameras

The vast majority of our cameras are surface mounted cameras, this includes bracket mounted and cameras mounted in a housing. Whilst these cameras are not as discreet as our flush mounted camera options, they offer more adjustability and positioning options and still blend into the vehicle’s original aesthetic look.

If you are looking to add or replace a camera and are not sure what options will suit your vehicle best or which camera is most fitting for your requirements feel free to get in touch with our team.