Reversing your Motorhome right into the Summer Holidays 

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Reversing can be one of the most difficult manoeuvres drivers can face on a regular basis, no matter where you look you will always be faced with blind spots. Your mirrors can’t show you the whole picture and awkwardly turning round in your seat might mean looking over screaming kids or potentially just get a dog staring back at you, and you still wouldn’t know what’s behind you. This can be an even bigger danger in larger vehicles where you might not necessarily have a rear-view mirror to look through, Trucks may find their load in the way while motorhome and campervan users struggle with seeing past their living space.  

Motorhome users struggle with reversing so much that many take regular lessons to learn how to properly manoeuvre their enormous vehicles. And those interested in purchasing a motorhome are regularly recommended to have some lessons. Currently at the Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show there are a variety of courses taking place to help drivers get to grips with their new motorhome. C2 Vision of course offer a full range of kits that can assist motorhome and campervan drivers with their reversing procedures, including the fantastic GRV90MKT high resolution mirror monitor and live stream camera kit.  

720P HD dash cam

With reverse, live streaming and recording capabilities, the Gator GRV90MKT provides the ultimate surveillance and protection for the rear of your vehicle. Featuring a super wide 9″ high resolution touch display and FULL HD 1080P camera, the mirror monitor simply clips over the existing rear-view mirror on the vehicle for convenient unobtrusive viewing. While driving, the mirror monitor will simply appear as a standard reflective mirror and also has the ability to live stream, displaying what is behind the vehicle in real time, which is ideal for campervans and motorhomes which may have limited rear vision. When reverse gear is selected, the monitor will automatically switch to the reverse camera and display parking gridlines to provide guidance when reversing. GRV90MKT also has a built in G-Sensor and loop records, simply add a Class 10 micro-SD card up to 64GB to the unit and it will capture any incidents or events that may occur at the rear of the vehicle. 

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