Reverse your Caravan with ease with the GX5TRKT

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The Caravan Camping and Motorhome show is in full swing over at the NEC, Birmingham. Running from the 22/02 to the 27/02 the show is the highlight of the year for enthusiasts across the UK. The growing popularity of caravanning since the Covid19 pandemic has led this years show to be one of the biggest ever with over 300 exhibitors.

 The influx of new caravanners has resulted in many more inexperienced towers taking to the roads this year. So much so that the Camping and Caravanning Club will be holding FREE Towing Tuition every day at the show! These one-to-one sessions are perfect for newcomers or those who want to brush up on their towing skills under the guidance of a trained instructor.

One of the most challenging aspects of owning a caravan that new members of the community will have to contend with is reversing, something that can still be a struggle even for more seasoned caravaners. Thankfully for those who do have trouble we offer a fantastic full kit that not only fits a reversing camera to your car but also to your caravan as well, allowing you to see exactly where your rig is heading in real time.

720P HD dash cam

The GX5TRKT is a complete reverse camera solution for towing a caravan, trailer or horse box, comes supplied with two cameras, as well as trailer connection and extension cables. Not only that the kit also includes a super bright 5” monitor which compared to rival reversing monitors, the GX5TRKT offers a far brighter image with superior picture quality. Once installed in your caravan the camera provides a clear image to the monitor even at night thanks to the 8 infra-red LEDs giving the camera a substantial low light viewing distance.

For more information on the GX5TRKT feel free to get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.