Top 5 must-have discreet vehicle reversing cameras for 2021

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Understandably when buying a premium vehicle, you want to retain the clean exterior aesthetics that the original designers intended and keep the beautiful styling that you have worked hard to buy. Not only can those clean lines be ruined by bumper scrapes and scratches from unfortunate parking prangs, but they can also be ruined by purchasing an unsightly bulky reversing cameras.

Not to worry though, the team at Connects2Vision have worked hard to create a range of reversing cameras that are not only subtle but also blend and merge with your vehicles original styling. We even have a selection of cameras that replace your vehicles original centre rear brake light or boot lid handle making your vehicle look completely factory fresh whilst adding safety and security.

With such a wide array of mounting options available, here’s a breakdown of our top 5 covert cameras.

Reversing Cameras

Boot handle Reversing camera

One of our more subtle camera mounting solutions we offer boot handle reversing cameras suitable for a selection of different cars and trucks. These cameras replace your original boot handle with a combined camera handle solution meaning your vehicles original styling looks are retained whilst increasing safety with a new reversing camera.

Reversing Cameras

Number Plate Cameras

A straight replacement product, our Number Plate camera mounting solutions allow you to keep the clean lines of your vehicle by simply placing a camera behind your number plate with a handy number plate holder attached. An adjacent product to our number plate cameras are our number plate light cameras, these simply replace a number plate light with a camera light combo on a selection of vehicles.

Reversing Cameras

Brake Light Cameras

Our Brake light Cameras are a subtle upgrade that is suitable for most vans and commercial vehicles and many are purpose built for specific models and vehicles. They are available as both a replacement brake light camera package and a camera collar package which simply sits between the body of the vehicle and the brake light. These cameras are perfect for commercial purposes and ease reversing of vans when rear visibility can be limited.

Reversing Cameras

Flush Mounted Cameras

Our flush mounted cameras are one of our most discreet reversing camera offerings as they completely blend into the rear of the vehicle to leave little to no noticeable camera fittings and wires other than the lens of the camera. These cameras are suitable for both cars and vans and are certainly the most subtle cameras we currently offer.

Reversing Cameras

Surface Mounted Cameras

The vast majority of our cameras are surface mounted cameras, this includes bracket mounted and cameras mounted in a housing. Whilst these cameras are not as discreet as our flush mounted camera options, they offer more adjustability and positioning options and still blend into the vehicle’s original aesthetic look.

If you are looking to add or replace a camera and are not sure what options will suit your vehicle best or which camera is most fitting for your requirements feel free to get in touch with our team.