Why you need Dash cams in 2021?

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Dash cams have become a bigger and bigger talking point over the years, with most motoring commentators recommending the purchase of one for your vehicle. A quick search of YouTube showing exactly why, in the politest possible way, some peoples driving skills are exactly up to standard.

Dash Cams help stop scammers

It’s not only bad drivers that you have to worry about on UK roads though, a growing number of people have resorted to insurance scams to try and get some money out of you. Some scams involve a car slamming on their brakes in front of you causing you to run into the back of them in an unavoidable accident often called a ‘Crash for Cash’ scam. Another popular scam involves a pedestrian diving onto your bonnet as if you have run them down. Both these despicable scams are growing in popularity, but there are many other tactics the scammers use to get into your wallet.

A dash cam can be incredibly useful during these situations as they can help give a true display of events to both the police and insurance companies to ensure your cash stays in your wallet and your premiums maintain their current levels. But that is not all dash cams are good for in the unfortunate event of a real accident they can give you a clearer impression of who was at fault and help the insurance companies decide who to charge for the damage.

Police often request Dash Cam footage

The Police have become increasingly aware of the presence of dash cams and their usefulness. Often when a crime occurs on the roads and they are asking for witnesses they will also reach out to the public asking for drivers to send in their dash cam footage to try catch criminals in the act, sometimes even offering rewards.

Make sure you check out our full range of dash cams to see which is right for you and your vehicle. We have a wide range of cams available with various resolutions, memory sizes and other features.

A good dash cam will feature high-definition recording, ensuring the sharpest image is recorded for use in the future, a wide-angle view to make sure no incident is missed whilst driving, smart phone connectivity is a good feature to look for as often the images can be streamed straight to your pocket ensuring the important videos are saved, it also allows you to adjust camera settings wirelessly. GPS is an often-requested feature to give accurate speed and location details to your recordings. Loop recording is also an essential feature for dash cams as this allows the camera to fill its memory and then overwrite older recording when storage is full ensuring you never run out of memory and you will always be recording when it matters most.

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