Top 5 tips to buying the perfect reversing camera

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Reversing manoeuvres are one of the most dangerous regular actions many drivers take when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Many people don’t think they have any issues with reversing however research from the University of Huddersfield reveals that a quarter of all reported collisions occur from vehicles reversing. And further research has shown that almost 60% of all commercial accident claims involve reversing. So, taking any actions to minimise these circumstances is a smart move by drivers and fleet managers. Such as purchasing a reversing camera to help reduce blind spots, increase visibility and overall give drivers more confidence in where their vehicle is on the road.

C2Vision have put together 5 top tips to make sure you get the best reversing camera for you.

5. Check whether we supply a boot handle replacement or brake light replacement camera

This will replace your factory boot handle or brake light with a camera/handle or camera/brake light combination which gives you all the advantages of a reversing camera whilst retaining the factory aesthetics of the vehicle.

4. Check the IP Rating for the camera

Make sure you get a reversing camera suitable for your application, there’s no point purchasing a camera far more robust than your usage. Why not check out our IP Ratings breakdown for more information. While a higher rated camera will still work just as well you may find a higher purchase cost, when a more suitable camera could be much more affordable.

3. Dynamic Parking Lines are your friend

Many of our reversing cameras now come with Dynamic Parking Lines, these will appear on the screen when reverse gear is selected and give the driver a basic outline of where the vehicle will be going. The lines allow the driver to better gauge the distance of obstacles and have more of an idea of the vehicle trajectory.

2. How easy will fitting the camera be

When purchasing a reversing camera, it’s always a good idea to double check how the camera can be fitted to your vehicle, is it a simple process or will you need an automotive electrician to complete the fitment. Our range covers both simple plug and play offerings and fully integrated solutions. We recommend getting a professional to fit any electrical product that requires full installation.

1.  What kind of mounting options are there

There are a number of different mounting options available for our reversing cameras including flush mount, surface mount and bracket mount, each of these have their own strengths so make sure you research which mounting option is best for you, if you are unsure why not check out this breakdown article. (Click Here)

C2Vision has a wide range of reversing cameras that have exactly what you’re looking for. From dynamic parking lines to multiple mounting solutions, we have the right reversing camera for you. If you have any questions about reversing cameras or any of our products, feel free to reach out to our support teams.